“I want to create for the viewer a personal experience, clear beyond explanation, a kind of universal language that can be spoken and understood by anyone, anywhere, regardless of age, level of intellect or economic status It is also my way to express the significance and importance of art in our lives, so that the viewer comes to realize and recognize with assurance, the human potential for achievement in them. “Every person is born equally creative, few do something about it”

Jorge GutarraI was born in Huancayo, a small city in the high mountains of Peru in 1947, moved to Lima at the age of seven, eventually emigrated to the United States in 1969 and was granted an American citizenship in 1976. From the age of sixteen, I have been a display artist. The working environment of a display shop along the numerous trips to art galleries and museums have made up for my lack of formal education in the Fine Arts, allowing me to learn and practice mediums such as photography, graphic design, painting, paper sculpture, silkscreen, carpentry, acrylic design and fabrication.

My interest in flatware sculptures began in 1976, the first piece “ Rooster # 1” created as a window display received a surprisingly good response, encouraged by this, I taught myself the necessary welding skills and created “Turkey # 1” in 1979. My work in this medium has continued on a part time basis for the past several years. Throughout this period it has attracted newspaper, magazine and media attention world wide, with several appearances on syndicated national and international television from New York City, Miami and most recently Sarasota, Florida.

Typical of my work is the use of dozens, hundreds, sometimes thousands of spoons, forks, knives, spatulas, serving pieces, plates, bowls, colanders, pots etc., all stainless steel. Each utensil is then welded to an inner frame, the work develops in overlapping layers upon layers of material starting at the bottom or the back.

My initial intention is to create something that is as real as possible, for this I work from pictures, drawings, photographs and maquettes of the model. The progress is a slow, systematic and controlled improvisation. I use most of the utensils in their original form, but sometimes it is necessary to cut, shape, grind and polish a piece to achieve a desired effect or feeling. I have been influenced and inspired by the Peruvian artisans, Victor Delfin a Peruvian artist, all the Classics, Art Deco, Impressionism, Pablo Picasso, Julio Gonzalez, David Smith, and Henry Moore. The final result I feel is a combination of all of them. A kind of personal expression of my artistic spirit.