Hey. I'm here. We're all here. Please don't do anything. Have you got someone near you can talk to? Someone you can call? Please, don't do it. I don't know you but you're a Frightened Rabbit fan, you're a good person. You may not think it at the moment, but please sleep on it, talk to someone, anyone.


Lighten up buddy..


Hi! I'm a fellow Frightened Rabbit fan and I struggle with clinical depression, we can make it friend :) Even if every day is such a struggle, even if it's so hard, we can make it! Please don't forget that! When I was at my worst, I wouldn't have made it on by own, getting help was essential, ask for help, you can make it! Do you have someone to talk to? You can PM if you want to talk a bit We're modern lepers, and maybe we won't never be the same as other people, but we can make it.