Transition from Nonprofit to Corporate?

Transition from Nonprofit to Corporate?


I haven’t made that transition, but several of my classmates have. First of all, congrats on your offer. Second, don’t feel nervous about a culture shock. While you don’t provide any details about the program you’re in, there’s a good chance it will have prepared you well for what to expect. Remember that there’s not just a culture gap between non-profit and for-profit organizations but basically between every single organization. Only you can tell if you clicked with the team at P&G during your application process. My point is just that it’s not a big deal! Third, when would you move if not now? Again, I don’t know your background, goals etc. but transitions like this are why many people pursue an MBA and I doubt you’re an exception. Obviously, context matters and don’t accept your offer only for the sake of change. But if you find the role interesting, it fits your long-term goals, and you’re only nervous about the pivot, then I highly encourage you to overcome your doubts and embrace the unknown. Worst case, you hate it and switch to a different company or pivot back to a non-profit.


Go for it! You can still share your passion for the non-profit world. Large companies always have charities and other philanthropic endeavors that you can be involved with and I'm sure they'd love your background for that. In the end, if the position aligns with what you want to do, then go for it. That's why you got your MBA, right?