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I’m currently investigating the below regarding DRS and IRA’s. Reached out to a local agent yesterday and they weren’t sure about my custodian and DRS request. They are going to contact HQ and get back with me next week. I am a bit hopeful as I am uncomfortable with the other solutions and if this works out will be more than happy to have a local office I can go to in person to transact. The Edward Jones Trust Company acts as the custodian for certain Individual Retirement Accounts.


If you look at my history, I'm with the same group.......and they don't like me much, because I know too much.


I've heard that Credit Unions can act as custodians of IRA's. I unfortunately don't have one, but am trying to spread the word.


I am with you


Well done 🦍! 🚀🚀🚀


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Proof? Why no DRS?


I will if the mods ask. I've been around this place a hot minute. Second, did you read my post?


Oh, these are the IRA shares you were talking about? I just DRS'd my account in kind. Won't have to pay the bill until April '23 anyway.


Understood. Trying for a different angle.