There are a loooot of reasons you could propose. And a lot of angles, cultural, philosophical, archetypal. Society tends to waiver between repression and then relief of that repression. Consider the Victorian era (puritanical, clean, restricted). Consider the 20's era- flappers and fun, followed by prohibition. The 50s (clean cut hair, suburbs), the 60s (party time, drugs, free love). SExuality itself is something we've tried to regulate or change in humans since the beginning. Evolutionary pressures suggest women choose which genes go forward based on mating choices. cultural forces have attempted to suppress or control female choices via marriage so that society gets stabilized, morepeopel have mates, families, etc.. As society gets more tolerant (free and fun), that genuine sexuality (which is normal part of bein human) gets to be expressed among the gals. Because its so different from cultural norms - its more exciting, interesting daring, etc - and makes for good TV. (no one is watching well behaved college student TV show - WOah! look how they go to bed on time!) Over time plato (or was it socrates) says that we as humans get FED UP with the freedom, we get so saturated in sex drugs and debauchaery, we're basiscally begging for someone to restrain us from allt he fun freedom (oh behave!) so then a period of repression comes along, usually a dictator is involved. Meanwhile, enjoy the debauchery! its part of the human life cycle. I wish I could be a college age girl right now.


Peacemaker isn't about college aged girls having sex.


People are participating vicariously in supposedly exciting situations with provocative behavior and very attractive people. Women tend to be highlighted as sexual objects. Since this trend continues to persist, I speculate that to some extent there is biology involved, related to testosterone affecting behaviors along with social role expectations and definitions. Entertainment in general seems to involve dramas that stimulate emotions and elicit some kind of experiential excitation, often involving violence as well as sex. Even relationship dramas that don’t focus on sex or violence per se, involve conflicts. All of the aforementioned seems natural to me, and going on for centuries in different ways. People are attracted to entertainment that alleviates boredom by engaging their emotions and senses.