A lot of people have been crapping on AoE4 and saying it will never be as good as AoE2 but so many of the reasons you have listed are why I don’t see myself going back to 2 anytime soon. This game has so many perks that make is interesting and fun and overall EPIC! I am really enjoying my experience and with more patches to fix balance I see this game having a great future.


Yep, me and my friend would switch between 2 and 4 for the first couple weeks, but now it’s only 4. It’s just so much more opportunity to do things and less limits that it’s hard to go back to 2 where every civ is the same with small differences to favor a unit(s), but no huge diversity. Real walls, infantry that can compete well instead of being only anti-trash, more gunpowder, landmarks, all of it. There’s a lot of bugs and problems, but all the good stuff makes it so hard to go back to 2 even with all of its own benefits.


And there with you, but the bugs are really frustrating though. For me AOE4 nicely combined my two favourite RTS games, AEO2 and AOE3.


They need to stop movement cancel and solved a Major Problem with it.


siege looks so real ?? lmao siege units don't even have any crews on them


Some kinda do! There are golden shadows that outline crew darting across siege. See Trebuchets that are preparing to fire, for example.


not to mention that it becomes the center of your army making in any situation and any civ matchup have the same units. Those ones makes the game bland and boring in long run


"with soldiers on top of the walls"


Honestly, i lost hope, i feel like the game is just a solo campaign game, and will never have a competitive scene. The amount of work invested to fix big issues on the game is too small to believe they really want to make a better game. Last update, they introduced plently of bugs while it was supposed to be a bug fix, and they should have fixed asap when they discover that. But no, no new patch since more than a month, that tells everything...


Sure SC2 has a bigger scene, but really are you competing in it? If you're a casial aka not in the top 5% of players the game having a "competetive scene" does not matter. The game just needs to be fun, which it is, even with the bugs. If it's not for you thats fine, there are plenty of other games : )


SC2 was a fantastic game, but even if it's way better than AOE IV, there is no new content for 1 year+ and the game is in unhealthy design with stupid strat like skytoss destroying the game. AOE IV looked promising, but if you look closely it's rodiculous how bugged it is, or how some civ are weak and how others are godlike. And no, there is no plently of other games, 99% of them have very poor quality, and there isn't new RTS at all. This attitude of fanboy isn't helping, we now see that all new games realeased are in beta mod, but some seem ok with that... Keep giving us games halfdone, guys are happy with that...


Really makes you wonder what really happened behind the scenes.


It's almost as if they went on holiday


They literally told you they went on holiday, then shortly after they got back from the holiday they announce a patch coming in the next 2 weeks and whats gonna be on it. Gee, I wonder what happened behind the scenes.


They're still incompetent enough to add more bugs with a bug fix so looking forward to a new patch just seems pointless. What are they gonna do? Add more bugs for the next patch. Game got stale online quick all u see is mongols and french and nest of bees GG time to hit up Coh2 again..


> incompetent Lmao yeah I think they might be the only company to ever have released a patch that adds bugs. They fixed some game breaking bugs like infinite spear range, and game breaking mechanics like ranged units animation canceling, this put in bugs like broken spears for some. Sucks, but if you’ve ever had to program anything you’d understand that it’s not exactly easy to make something big free, especially when it’s thousands of lines of code. Is relic perfect and should we just ignore bugs? No. Are they actively improving the game with every patch, even if it adds some less terrible bugs too? Yes. If you really can’t enjoy the game as it is then don’t play, that’s fine, try again in a few months. Still a ton of fun for me.


Merged both of my favorite parts of AoE2 and 3.... knights and cannons / gunpowder! I know AoE2 has gunpowder too but here in imperial it takes center stage, plus its more intimidating aesthetically.


Same. It pretty much brought my love back for RTS. Although I loved AoE1&2 back in the day, I just wasn’t as interested in replaying the same with the definitive edition. I wish hotfixes (pikemen brace, etc.) were addressed ahead of balance patches, but other than that it has great potential.


I would like aoe4 more if the late game wasn’t the same every single game, meat shield in front and whoever has better siege micro wins. After the castle age the game gets stale to me


I agree that most games are the most interesting in feudal-castle, but some emperial games are so fun as well. When both players are the constant battle, both huge economies to back it up, infinite soldiers rallying to the front, golden. Siege needs some tuning though, at least the bombard.


I agree, those kind of games are the bread and butter of AoE and they make you come back for more! I just wish that that was the case most of the time is all.


I don’t think there’s any doubt AOE4 will be the best in the genre, just the fact it’s so much more modern, have a great potential competitive scene and new players The current state is a bit stale sure, but a lot of people including myself are enjoying the solo and team games, not all players read Reddit or watch top streamers or stick very close to “the meta”


You don't have to do any of those to think the bugs and exploits and missing features and sparse communication are asinine.