A draft horse is size large, a PC is size medium. Unless you have Powerful Build from your race or a similar ability, you will always be pulling WAY less than a horse.


Also horse is 4 legged, which modifies how easy it is to pull.


This also doesnt define pull. Does it mean drag along a dirt road? Pull a wooden cart with a wooden axle and wheels, pull a modern trailer with balanced wheels and ball bearings along a paved road?


Well there’s quite a difference in the force necessary to shift an object along the ground vs actually lifting it. The former takes significantly less force. If you put 5x a horses weight on its back you would kill it


Actual physicals don’t really work in 5e as the rules sit at the moment. For instance terminal velocity is a lot lower and the rate of acceleration to that speed a lot higher. I tried to do the math a while back but gave up with the understanding that either gravity is a lot lighter with a smaller planet or a lot heavier with a very very thick atmosphere. Either way that makes the crazy strength shown and flying things like dragons a lot more feasible.


>can pull 5 times it's weight and weighs on average 1400 to 2000 pounds There, you figured out part of why it doesn't work that way! Remember, a creature's size affects the amount of weight it can push/pull/carry. Obviously D&D rules can't line up 1:1 with real life, but even within the context you can't just jump to conclusions like that.


In dnd they pull 5x their carry


A draft horse is large most PC's aren't


Spoiler-you applied math, not science….but regardless -don’t apply science or real math to d&d


Medium-sized 20 strength character can pull 600 pounds. (Str x 30) A large sized 20 strength character can pull 1200 pounds. So even if we conclude that a draft horse is a horse with "powerful build", it would only pull 2400 lbs. From this we can conclude that either (A) D&D does not model draft horses and their drag capacity well, (B) draft horses have a racial feature that increases their drag capacity even more then powerful build, or (C) draft horses have a strength score of 84. Flipside! The current world record for the overhead press is about 467 pounds. Per the rules, a character can "lift" 30 times their strength score over their head. Lifting 467 pounds in this way only requires a strength score of 16. From this we can conclude that the way D&D uses the strength score for normal athletic feats is not realistic, and any attempt to apply science will lead to erroneous conclusions and solely be for amusement. And, well, I had fun writing this bit, and hopefully you had fun reading it.


An animal pulling a carriage, cart, chariot, sled, or wagon can move weight up to five times its base carrying capacity, including the weight of the vehicle. If multiple animals pull the same vehicle, they can add their carrying capacity together. So in dnd a draft horse could pull 6000lbs




20STR = 300lb carry = 1500lb pull wheeled vehicle. It's in the rules, homie.


* Draft Horses are Large, PCs are only large when under the effects of magic. * The 5x multiplier is for pulling a cart or similar vehicle. * Large Creatures have double carry capacity. How could a 20 Strength PC pull 10k,lbs if their carry capacity is half that of a Draft Horse?


The strength scores aren't universal among all species. A horse having 20 strength is different than a human having 20 strength which is different than a gnome having 20 strength.